Interests: dachshunds, books, quilting, social media
Time is precious, why have a separate blog for all my interests? This blog is about my likes, what I find interesting, and what I’m passionate about.

I’m not a writer, I’m not a philosopher, I’m not here to preach or teach, but to share. So sit back, have a cup of tea, and take a look around. You might say “I didn’t know that” or a least leave with a smile.

Wiener dogs, sausages, doxies, teckels, whatever you call them, they are so gosh darn cute. I like to be involved in rescue work, but it can be very overwhelming and sad, so I help where and when I can. Remember it doesn’t just take a village, it takes the entire country networking and giving..time, talent, and financial aid.

Dolly & Belle, beautiful girls!

Dolly & Belle, beautiful girls!

Most of the books I read are historical novels, based on English history. I like to read books by grouping in a study of an event, a person, or a time period. For the past year it has been the War of the Roses and in particular the women. Lady Margaret Beaufort, Elizabeth Woodville, Elizabeth of York , each playing a role..all roses, just some with sharper, more piercing thorns than others.

So many books, so little time!

So many books, so little time!

Quilting, well sort of. I’m new at this, not a expert by any shape or form, but I really enjoy making things. Actually I think it’s the fabric that sucks me in. Flannels, soft and comfy, bright Spring florals, and of course, all the doxie them all. The first handmade quilt I remember seeing was in Lancaster County, Pa..home to a large population of Amish people. Such works of art, patterns that are eye catching, and the sewing..oh my..I can’t sew that good using a machine. My projects might not be given any ‘air’ time, but my love of fabrics and quilting will be.

Always adding to the stash!

Always adding to the stash!

Ah Social Media..where did that come from? I find facebook, twitter, linkedin, websites interesting. Do you remember when the whole internet started? Well I’ve kept up on the trends, do well with increasing likes/stats on fb, work with linkedin, and now joining the ranks of bloggers. I have a social media business that I use mainly for rescues and websites I design. So many little time.

Simply Pawsome!


Hope you enjoy your stop at Simply-Pawsome.

Have a lovely day..and take the time to thank who made this life possible!


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